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Date: January 22nd 1943
Folks & Lill
Claude Senton

January 22nd


Dear Folks & Lill -

Thanks! Recieved all parcels, everything O.K. and also your letter written on Jan 12th today. I bought some socks from one of my chums, so if you haven't found them forget it. Also got a letter from Gordon a week ago. O.K. on Glen. didn't get Cecil's card. Got quite a few letters from Edith & also 100 cigarettes & a better writing case, pad & eyeglasses, supper case, nice and hanky. I can buy plenty of cigarettes and 2 chocolate bars here a week so forget them. O.K. on Horning, Bob & Bill. The flashlight sure gives a good light, over here the only way to get batteries is a new light, just a racket, everything is. Just finished a hard course, been studying for weeks, passed O.K., start some flying, just over here, long time before we go over, next June likely. No raids yet. I have been in Scotland, England, & Wales, rains mostly, no snow here, although some places have it. We are suppose to do P.T. before breakfast beside our beds, never do it, confined to camp for seven days to P.T. at nites now too. Glen's O.K. Food poor, beers worst. Lost my fountain pen New Years nite; didn't remember much, whisky & a dance, just blackouts, having some time, hope to get posted to an RCAF squadron, there not training any more Canadians at this school, damn good thing. We can buy steaks over here for a dollar, steak & chips & tomato soup, sure good. There sure rationing you over there, ay. Will write again

Good nite