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Date: April 18th 1944
Claude Senton

April 18. 44.

Dear Folks -

Have received two airmail & a surface letter from you lately, one of which was Lillians. O.K. on everything Mother, have been looking for the Easter parcel, the one you sent a long time ago but as yet haven't received it or the cigarettes the Cans. member sent. I received some cigarettes from you & also from the Homemakers & sent a letter thanking them., in case they didn't get the letter & you have an opportunity thank them again please. I forget when & how but I received a letter from Mrs S. Smith before receive the cigs & thanked them & also Mrs J Cosford. She mention about them losing there son. Can't remember for sure if I wrote her or not. I think Mrs. Cosford letter was with a Xmas Card from the Homemakers, anywya you will probably see her & tell I received it & answered it for I shouldn't know how to answer her letter if I haven't already done so especially since I can't find it.

It been so log since I wrote anyone near a month, have been on leave etc. This time I went to Dublin & had a good look around. There are plenty of pubs in this country so I was looking around having a beer & ran into a pub owner who had plenty of time on his hands so he showed me around. We were to the dog races, horse races, shooting up in hills on Easter Sunday, saw where the German, American, & English ministers live, and to a carnival, went for a ride on the ghost train & ate plenty of ice cream. Also was through their park second biggest in the world, the states have the bigger, & spent a couple of hours going through the biggest brewery in the world

I ate plenty of steaks & had an enjoyable time, quiet a change being in civ's & not seeing many troops - I bought a suit, dark grey cost me about thirty five bucks & borrowed about fifty buck to[ coat so I was checking around respectable like

O.K. on you sending over my suit probably have a chance to use it or else sell it Anyway it will be good to have, mostly dark suits worn in Ireland. O.K. on a turtle neck if you haven't started to knitt one forget it as I have another sweater that fits right now, of course I can still use it O.K. I see Lill says you have sent one.

Certainly surprised about Glen getting so serious must be spring or something. It seems as though everybody around there are getting married. That was a large wedding aniversity Lill, hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for the letter.

Also that is bad about Murray Burton, thought he would never be sick.

O.K. on Meta. Glad you received the snap will have to send over some more, I received the ones you sent.

Oh yes, I'll be looking forward to receive a letter from Lou, Glen did streak a point write a letter will be a few days before I have time to answer (about two months)

I received a few letters from Edith so know all the [?] down Carls way, [?], & hear of Cecil once in a while Don't mention this to him, better if you don't for different reasons. Just letting you know that I know most of the news around home, & that is one thing I look forward to, believe it or not. Tea time Au Revoir - Claude.