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Date: April 24th 1944
Claude Senton

April 24 44

Dear Folks -

Just listening to Command Performance another day near spent. Received a couple of your letters a few days ago. I really have been looking for that Easter parcel you sent Mother but as yet it hasn't arrived, anyway here's hoping! Received a letter from Lewis saying he had moved to town, better for Mary & Joan. Also one from Glen & Edith. Everybody still seems O.K. I find it hard to answer any letters now, I don't know just don't [?] to be much for letter writing any more, probably overseas too long, one thing I don;t write anyone twice or three times a month, just haven't much to talk about, can't say much you know.

Still flying & playing bridge but hoping this war soon picks up, or we go overseas or something.

I had a fairly good time on leave, down in Dublin plenty of ice cream, steaks etc there. I mett a fellow there in the pub & he showed me around everyday to the horse & dog races, went to a carnival and a ride on the ghost train and ate five ice cream cones. Also through the biggest brewery in the world plenty of beer to drink - I mentioned it before I believe in the last letter.

As yet I haven't received any of those parcels. Suppose you are busy putting in the crop etc. Guess the gardens going in too, ay?? Oh, well suppose Lill can work it with her pony, oh,oh

Can't find my thinking cap so will close

Is Glen at home yet?

Au Revoir for now.


Would you please send me the names of the cabinet ministers of parilament & their positions - & the representives of each province (ones in power) - I'm just gening up - anything to do with govt ministers & also governer-generals - tell me in next airmail please - who is in for our constition ay. Need this for a commision Don't say anything in case I don't make it. Send it in next air mail please so I'll have it before a month or less