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Date: August 10th 1943
Claude Senton

August 10/43.

Dear Folks -

Received your letters of July 29 & Aug 24, also Lills letter of Aug 4.
Very glad to receive your letters, just returned back from a course, really had a good time, a nice gang of fellows, a three week study of aircraft recognition, know a few airplanes now, got a good %.

Also received a letter from Glen, also Price & Lewis & Edith

I believe I told you being on leave also in July down to London, so I haven't been so much in this far north. England is a much better place in every way, warmer, later shows, etc.

Grandad enjoyed the East ay? So the Gordons may wrie, well the war must be over.

I didn't know Jean was in London, very hard of course to find anyone in there unless one has a time arranged.

The orderly room says I'm a flight now, but has not come out on orders yet, had a crown sewed up in the mess tonite for a couple hrs all the boys were told of their flights or WO's - I should be a WO 2 on this Sunday, but will probably take three months to come through. Expect the back pay on the flight for six months - another fifty bucks, guess I'll sign over another ten.

The war looks like an ending some day

I know of that farm idea we are told in our Canadian affairs a booklet from Canada that we get $3600 for land & buildings, one must put up 10 per cent of that. In addition $ 1200 without deposit for livestock & machinary. And the veteran is required to pay only $2400 back within 25 years - annual payment of $145.62 Been thinking Glen & I get together & a little money of own may make a living for the rest of our time.

OK on that, we know all the dope, a few farmer lads here from Saskatchewan - some has been bailed out, some dried out & some a good crop. O.K. on Bill wanting to know what I need, sounds like he may be coming over - well to tell you the truth really nothing after I get your parcel.

I have plenty of money & money buys surely everything you need over here now.

Was in Glasgow nite Italy packed in - got in on a few free beers - every body happy.

O.K. on Les & all the rest. Thanks for your letter Lill - I hear Whites Pool burnt up from one of my Sask. freinds

Am well so must answer more of these letters

Goodnite - the news is on now about Rome - Yours Claude.