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Date: August 14th 1943
Claude Senton

August 14/43.

Dear Folks -

Received two of your letters & glad to know all the news. O.K. Lill on your holiday at the beach, once a year sounds like enough. Also I received the cigarettes & gum you send Mother, & the parcel on July 2nd, no not a very exciting day, although I wasn't busy as you said, I've nearly forgot about that now - had a good feed on that parcel - your really had the time figured out.

O.K. on Glen, Lewis & the gang.

I just finish about half a months leave down to London & Glasgow, had a good time & ran into a few of my chums. One can get plenty to eat when on leave steaks are hard to find. I'm O.K, for money also keep a little.

Not so good about Cecil's flare - although a fellow from Saskatoon was telling me it was rainy fairly heavy lately, ay. O.K. on sending me those articles, probably receive them in about twenty days, I'll be fine then.

Say is Lewis ever having a hard time of it in the hospital all the time
Better have Dad do more tractor farming if he's going to last out this war (go,)

Sounds as though Gordon is really getting around - well I get around plenty here but can't say much about it - anyway not losing any weight - 175 lbs wearing just the uniform - I think a few beers is what helps us quite a little

I was hearing often from the school teacher, she knows all the gang I know but as lately haven't heard from that corner of the world - person really enjoys a few letters - seems to shorten up the season - must write to Lewis - maybe hear from Glen, mention it to him please Your son

Adios - Claude.