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Date: February 5th 1943
Folks & Lill
Claude Senton

Feb 5/43

Hello Folks & Lill -

Sorry I haven't written you for a few days. Received your letters O.K. & parcels.

I wrote about the 24th Jan. Past the last course O.K. 76 percent again We had a couple days leave so went to London, saw where they bombed a few of the places, roof off the church, I believe thats where some of the people were killed of course we saw where hotels , badly worse for bombing. Also travelled unground railway, everything is settled there, spent a time in the blitz I oheard. Sure is a big place. We were around, got paiffims [?], sweater, cigarettes, scraf, socks from the Red Cross, etc, real big parade up there every day I guess. We were posted up to coastal command, northern Scotland, we were in southern Wales for over a month. They were not ready to start us flying for a few weeks, so probably got two weeks leave we were told by our officers, just now put in time, mostly classes. We volunteered for this (pals & I) We were down to the zoo, close to the Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace at London, so probably not go back there again, didn't get around to look up the Gordon boys address. Did you get the airmail, & letter I wrote on 24 Jan. Got a letter from Edith today, she says it sure cold out there, & their wanting all future stenos to join up in Saskatoon & Edna & her are really thinking about doing that, Carls being out shooting rabbits, I guess everybody around the pool room in town, ay. Will wait until I hear from you again.

Your Son Claude

OK for money and everything now