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Date: February 12th 1944
Claude Senton


Dear Folks -

Have received your letter of Jan 28 a couple of days ago, also one from Lewis saying their clan were all well

By now you should have some of my letters, wrote before Xmas, one surface letter about Jan 10 & another airmail about Jan 25th Received all the parcels O.K. & also one from Edith but haven't received a letter from her lately probably gone back to teacher again at Coastance So Flanderdale opened again, that's good & I also received those pictures. say Lill has certainly grown, its a good thing you said she was in the picture as it was not so very clear. In that surface letter I included a picture of myself, certainly hope you receive it, nice & clear. Yesterday we took some of our crew, there were only about six of us If you get the "Canada Weekly" you'll probably see some of our boys, a number of pictures were taken but we 'our crew' wasn't in on it, also if you get a chance to see that show 'Coastal Command' its all about Sunderlands, probably you have saw it, we saw it here a year ago & I beleive I mentioned it before, maybe Cecil gets that magazine.

About leave we finished another one, in London on New Years & saw Bill Mc We have checked around to most places now but haven't been to Dublin yet, must get queued up

I have everything I need & you are sending some cigarettes - good.

Thats bad about Murray Button

Everything kept in the parcels except those apples & oranges but that parcel was delayed & received it about Jan 20 Have assigned more money over, an extra 23. a month starting Jan 1, also sending you a bond May sometime paying by the month for 6 months

Must say Au revoir for now


P.S. Sunday heard the rebroadcast of the hockey game Sat. nite & also football game played on London today Canada & Americans

Could you send over my green dress suit, if it is still O.K. & I'll get it cleaned.