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Date: February 21st 1943
Folks & Lill
Claude Senton

February 21/43

Dear Folks & Lill -

Well this is Sunday nite 6 o'clock here in Edinburgh, on leave. I wrote you an airmail while we were in London for a week, just came up here yesterday on the Flying Scot, one of those fast trains. Just wondering what all of you doing these days?

I got a letter from Glen saying he send some cigarettes, but haven't got them yet, anyway the ones over here are fairly good & I have a pipe, if you ever send a parcel again anytime Mother, include a can of pipe tobacco, as for socks, Glen is sending some so I'll be O.K.

Our 15 days leave is getting smaller, 26th will find us on the job again, start on Coastal in luck is O.K. We saw plenty of things in London, The Tower of London, were all kings were beheaded & plenty of murders also, the chopping block, dungeon etc; also the Westmister Abbey were the Cornation took place, I bought a pack of pictures of that & also have the picture of the ship we came over on, a nice trip. Everything was interesting London was really moonlight when we were there but no raids too many fighters stationed all over the island now. We also saw Big Ben, Parliament Buildings, Churchill's home (just a big apartment like) & Air ministry also some of Churchs, & also displays of war rifles etc of years way back. We saw the wax works also, there was some good ones, Duke of Windsor & Wally, Hitler; Roosevelt & King weren't so good.

Chamber of Horrors was fair; plenty of the building was lost due to bombing

There are few places to see up here saw the big castle today on the hill & we are stepping out to see the Fleet tomorrow. Sure have a nice room here costing a little money but are only staying four days, out to dance last nite Wanted to stay to see a few historical interests in this town. My chums out to a concert to nite for the services but I'll write a few letters, ended up out at a Scotishman's party last nite & didn't get in until three this morning, had to ring a bell to get the land lady to let me in, come up a big rounding concert stairs to get to second floor, reminds me of castle days, long buildings.

Everything will go fairly well if I stay on Coastal, just have ships to protect, bomb a few submarines, bags of flying hours.

I see one American car in this town, really looks big & is to there's over here. Scotishmen don't like the Americans, they brag to much, thats the attitude with the whole Isle I find, everyone seems to have a good opinion of Canadains

Got a letter from Cecil telling me about his Ford for going through snow, how is the weather now? How is Lill getting along in school? Don't suppose your doing much but eating eggs, had 3 since I been in this country. I hear there 60 " over there, butter good too, what about wheat? Haven't been to see any of those addresses you gave me, its impossible, people & troops over here, especially London. We got more cigarettes socks etc again, including handercheifs so everyone in good shape the A/F is the only area incidently now get these things I'm in the right outfit.

Ran into some of my chums in London so had a good leave, sure is good to met up with the most of them again, no fooling, telling about this plane & etc.

Theres nothing but pubs in these cities, but I'm not living in tem yet. I think the food rationing causes a lot of drinking, the beer is filling you know. Your getting the allowance O.K. Glen should save another ten

It much colder up here then down on South Wales were we were before, were a long ways north of course.

I must say Good nite for the present

Your son -


Including a money order which I can't cash (from the Homemakers)in England.