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Date: June 9th 1943
Claude Senton

RCAF 433 Sqd.

Eng Cand.

Dear Folks

Just writing today & wondering what everyone may be doing back home It will soon be July, wouldn't mind being around for that, go to the lake as usually.

Suppose Lill didn't bother with exams now, since she pass everything at Easter. What do you know Lill! best if you write a little letter, ay? I had letters from Glen, Cecil, Gordon so fairly well know the news. What's Grandad doing these days, never went East ay, would of like to had the dope on the boys add's.

I haven't being doing a great deal of flying, may get on a training crew, our crew being split up, one lad is in the hospital for a operation.

Your parcel was really appreciated Mother, but you needn't bother sending them too often, if you mail one every three months include some cheese, butter, jam, tarts or cookies & never mind sending chicken, oranges, etc. If you use less [?] tins - just wrap in paper, the boxes are never broken. Include a few (Pal) razor blades & 2 pr of shorts - in next parcel please. The tobacco will last for a long time.

And of course I've been always hearing from the school teachers maybe nothing serious but letters are letters - also writing a few of the boys in this country. We were badly split up after finishing our course over here. There is only one fellow on this station who was down there at the same time as I was, anyway one makes friends, next time doesn't seem to go quickly enough, put in plenty of reading hrs. There are dances here, & shows, also ensa shows (stage acting) some are good, others bunk.

Let me know of Lewis & the others, did Orr get a call?

Cheerio - Your son