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Date: January 8th 1944
Claude Senton

January 8/44.

Dear Folks -

Has been some time since I last wrote to you, but have received your Xmas card, a couple of your letters & a parcel, before coming on leave. That chicken really went over big with the crew, had fried chicken that very nite. All the boys received plenty of parcels so we all are together and have about everything one could think of. I guess your other parcel will be there by now. Received also one from Mary & a carton of cigarettes from the Homemakers, Mrs Steen wrote a letter which I receive before the [?], so will soon be answering that. I send out cards to everybody.

Well yes, I ran into Bill McIntosh the other day, didn't have much time to spend with the boy but I think everything is O.K. That day I was going to my chum's brother's wedding, both of them talked me into coming, had a good time, something to eat & a little to drink. By the way Bill has a little moustache, in fact most of the boys have one, I'll enclose a picture of myself, that I lack.

I hope you all enjoyed Xmas & plenty of turkey. We were working that day & missed the turkey but had bought one a week before & had a crew party one nite. Since Xmas we came on leave so spending New Years in the city.

Did Glen get home for Xmas? Received letter from Gordon, has been all over the west coast fourteen different stations, ready to come inland for a while again, Lewis thinks his daughter will walk by New Years & Cecil is farming & don't give a damn.

Everything is going well over here. The war looks better & the people are looking forward to the end of it. Plenty of troops, etc, so no reason why we don't win this year, all the boys bought war bonds to help out also. You should get mine maybe not until May. I pay $8.40 a month for six months & they send the bond to you. Also you will receive an extra $23.00 a month from the Jan 1st I just signed it over the other day since I'm getting my warrant officers pay now, would of signed over more but the bond & life insurance eat up the rest to much at present.

During the week have been seeing a few good shows & really some good ones in town - This is the Army, Let's Face it, The Miracle of Gordon's Creek, & To Whom the Bells Toll. Also taking in a few dances, really seeing big crowds, dance with a few strangers, nothing like going to dance where you know the gang. Most of the gang have a few beers to keep the moral up, he, as we say go and 'bug the troops' 'how about that', etc.

I had taken a number of good pictures with a chum of mine but haven't ran into him lately as he's on a different station.

Think we may be invited out for dinner tomorrow, my chum's brother (the newly married couple) sent a message for to telephone him & Jim & I have been thinking hope so.

Must answer Gordon, Cecil & Lewis, received a letter from each of the boys before Xmas, as for Glen goes, we say "you've had it" What about Lill going to school, what happen did she go over to Mary's?

Sounds like you are having a mild winter over there this year, a good thing, there isn't so much sow neither is there, from what I have heard?

Well folks must say Adios, write anytime has been some time since last been at the station so probably have a letter from you Au revoir

Your son Claude.