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Date: July 3rd 1943
Claude Senton

(Can) R107879 -

RCAF, 422 Squadron


July 3 1943

Dear Folks - Thanks for the parcel, received it on the second. We had spent a few days in Glasgow, two days, end of June Took the train & flew most, really had a enjoyable time. We took in a show, a dance, & spent a short couple of hrs. drinking whisky with ice & ginger ale. So when we came back on the 1st we didn't feel like celebrating much on my birthday but that parcel really hit the stop wiz-o (extraordinary) as they say. About the chicken thats O.K. I can't heat it up very well as for the package of soup, I can use it O.K. in the winter when we have a fire, as now no fire allowed.

Everything is going fairly well I wasn't flying myself in June, didn't put in an hour, will be doing some in the future.

Oh yes, I enjoy reading those Watreus papers, one gets the run of things again.

May go on leave again at the end of the month, see a few different places, always keep fifty dollars on hand, & then we get paid always before going on leave, am going to save up a few pounds to bring back.

Could you have Glen save another ten dollars a month, if the gang didn't drink a little here, I could save more & there is no liquor in Canada so he could go easily I'm with a new gang starting now, & I'm going easily if I can see it possible & I'm not fooling, we must get started, I wrote you a couple of letters about this already.

Thanks for your letter Lill must be just spending your holidays now, ay?
Good for Cecil on the gum & remember Lewis' add.

What was doing on the first, does the master look any older (April fool) ay, ay Yours for nothing - I think I'm holding my own Claude.

PS. This is an Canadian Squadron