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Date: July 17th 1943
Claude Senton

July 17/43

Dear Folks - Another Sunday nite, six o'clock, had supper & just thinking I'd write a line nothing much new to write about though

Suppose it's really warm now there, everyone in the shade I suppose how dry is it? not many cars on the roads, ay Well here there are some bicycles with plenty of flat tires, doesn't seem to be the stuff in them, some of the boys have them, pay 30 for one, & they have the hand brakes - no coaster.

Say what I really need is some hair-oil, pair of braces (light ones) & a couple pr of shorts.

Did you hear from Glen lately. Doesn't seem to send any wit overseas, although I wrote him a letter or two. Haven't heard fro anyone for a week or two but always have the latest here listening to the radio.

There is a show on here, a show every nite except 2 or 3 nites a week Was to the dance last nite, ahd a fair time, few beers before I went of course Usually go about twice a month.

May go on leave, just to small places I think, easier to get something to eat, not so hard to get around.

Just listening to program coming over from the U.S., mostly U.S. programs in the evenings.

What are you knowing Lill?

As for myself, everything I think is going ok, not working hard yet.

Hope Glen sends over those cigs & everything OK doke

For now - Adios