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Date: June 28th 1943
Claude Senton

422 Squadron, R.C.A.F.

England June 28/43

Dear Folks

Received your letter of May 28, surface letter, & O.K. on what Lill wrote. I suppose Lewis is home by now, should get some sick leave out of it, and O.K. on all the rest of the gang.

What did Glen gain by coming home, a change mostly I guess; have him at the same job in the Pig, thats better than coming over. I was wondering if you could have him save another ten a month. I expect to save a little more, & he could get a second hand John Derre & tiller next spring, imagine they will be snaped up after the war. At Rose town or someplace should be O.K. - about $500 for the engine & tiller 150 or so, start to get organized so we could start farming if he wants too, thats the best thing I think, or else we will have to work for somebody else all our life in factory or something. If we have the machinery & a thousand cash after this struggle should be able to start up around Calgary or whats best. I wrote him a surface letter about it. What do you think

O.K. on the parcels, I got the one you sent before May 20th do not pack in so many tins, it will keep in light wrapping paper, cut down the weight, won't cost you as much. Everything must be a good price on the farm now, eggs cost as us about 80ȼ a dozen here, we get a couple every so often, can't find a place to buy them, worth about 40ȼ before the war I heard.

O.K. on Orr, what kind of house did he get? You give me Lewis add., I hear from Gor & Cecil. What rain fall this year are the crops going be good, would like to get going on our soon.

I wrote you a couple of surface letters.

Good by for now Claude.

I haven't been flying myself this month, just been on two pay parades, really have a good sun tan, also think I may go on leave middle of July, maybe go to Ireland for a change.

Whats doing are al the towns have there sport days etc., the cities or what?