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Date: August 5th 1917


Dear Alice,

Thank you so much for your nice letter I received today. So as I am not on duty tonight, I thought I'd answer it right away. So you had Harold home for a weekend, eh. I can quite believe that you were proud of him and he looks O.K. in uniform, eh. Well I guess he would as he is well built. Tell him I shall be very glad to see him if that is possible when he comes over. I haven't seen him since that year when he and I went downtown New Year's night. Do you remember? Has he changed much? That was some night. I am feeling much better now Alice. I hope I'll keep well now for a while. So you have given up the idea that it will finish this summer, eh. So have I. I thought at one time that perhaps it might be possible, but I guess it will last all next year now. It certainly looks as if conscription will come in Canada soon. What do you think of the idea? So you kept your promise about the river Alice. That is very good of you. May I take you out some day again when this is over? Do you think we could risk Heron Island? I think I took you there once didn't I, or was it just as far as Rock? I almost forget. It seems so long ago to me. It is getting on towards three years now since I left. This year was already mapped out for us but this war has altered many plans. I think, never mind, perhaps we will be able to make some other plans another time. I am very glad Alice to know that my chum will be glad to see me back. I don't think I will want to go to many parties. Just once in a while. But some picnics and trips on the river again like we used to have, then we'll have that long promised talk, just you and I. Am I to get a lecture? You say of course if I am not married. Well, I don't think that there is the slightest chance of me being married. May I ask the same question about you? No offence, so in my case I feel sure that you will be quite safe about having your hair pulled. I forgot to tell Lily in her letter that being in hospital is good because it is such a rest and so quiet. Therein lies the secret of the hospital. I had to smile at Lily's threat about what will happen when she and I meet. Tell her I have got the wind up, at the idea now. It makes me nervous and I insist that you are present or I fear some harm may come to me. Well little girl, I guess this is all for now, so I will close. Kind regards to Ma and Pa. My best wishes to you.

Your old sincere friend

P.S. Remember me to Harold next time you write.