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Date: May 11th 1943
Claude Senton

May 11/43

Dear Folks -

Hope this finds all of you well I am fine, living out on an island now, still in the same country. Had a good leave London & Glasgow skipper is trying for more leave, imagine we'll all be grey haired if we are long enough here he - wouldn't mind seeing Cecil & his plantation just now.

Did Glen get home? Soon be 24 May, is the lake opening up that day as usually. Suppose Lill is all finished her school for another year now.
We were at a show tonite at camp bandit stuff - enjoyed that, also had late lunch at the mess, its only 12 o'clock now news is on, will soon have to go to bed, was up for dinner today, but wil be on the job again some of these days.

Whats new around home, sent in our address to base post office so guess we will have mail in a week possibly have your parcel & some letters I hope.

The boys were on an all out effort for books this after, so have plenty to read for a while. Also wrote a letter to one of my chums who is coming back to Canada - a weak heart, imagine if we are here long enough we will live without one. Saw plenty of the boys while on leave, most of them are still living some of them have had it but the only thing that I'm afraid of here is old age. The war is really looking good now, one of the crew has a radio & the news is on just now.

How is Gordon doing lately & let me know of Bill & Bob Mͨ, also of Lewis. Oh, yes could you also include some vitalis hair oil, anytime you are send me another parcel, no hurry Mother - I have plenty of soap etc, etc, etc. I guess I must sign now & go to bed.

Goodnite & cheerio

Your son