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Date: February 27th 1918
Annie Mary Hodgson

Feb 27th 1918

Dear Cousin
I have been going to write you for sometime, but that is as far as I got. I acknowledged your gift to Nellie as I was writing to her at the time. It was very kind of you to remember me with such a nice treat. I appreciate your kindness.
I had a letter a few days ago from Nellie, so you have been having it very cold. Spring will certainly be welcome as many will have it very hard these troublesome times. I have not heard from home for 3 weeks nobody seems to be getting any Canadian Mail lately. I am anxious to hear from home. It was quite cold there in Dec with snow but was open at New Years with lots of mud. I am getting along very well, have been at the Mill near all winter 2 weeks day work then 2 weeks night. The Company have been shipping over a million feet a month. War looks as though we will have a steady job for sometime yet, and we might as well learn to be content and grin and bear it while we hang on and growl. It will never do to let Bill have his own way, he will get more than he wants when he strikes at the West Front. Prophecy is coming true, if we understand it right and Bills lubricant will not be sufficient to keep his war machine running smoothly many months more. It will be a glad day when we can again enjoy the freedom of civil Life. What a relief to the World when this burden will be removed. Surely we can all realize what it means when Satan has his way. It is much the same individually as it is with the Nations, we need to guard ourselves well lest we be led captive to some of his traps, which all leads to devastation and destruction. We had a --- open up Feb 1st., it is run by the Military.. I am writing on my lunch so I hope you will excuse pencil. Since serving the Army we can learn to write almost on the march. We had about six weeks of winter weather from about middle of Dec. until late in Jan. Ground was frozen scarcely any snow, since then it has been open and some have been ploughing. And today I saw a fellow harrowing and it was working up very good. Quite a number about 50 have left here, a few went to other Camps, but most of them I understand have gone to Canada, as unfit for further military Service. I had a letter from two of them, and they are near their homes by this time.

Did Gertrude go West, you will miss her. Well, I hope everything is going fine with you all. I have to quit writing for the present, I may not get at it for a few days so I had better call finished and mail. Write me again when you have time. give my regards to all my Cousins that may inquire. I will write to Nellie before long I hope.

I am yours gratefully

844550 A E Henry
126 C F C
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