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Date: March 26th 1916

Bramshott Camp
March 26th /16
Dear Mother,
Well I must try to get a few lines off to you today. There is nothing much to write about except my trip to London but I guess that will be about take up room for a whole letter.

Well we were paid and I drew 2 Pounds for $10 and borrowed another pound and started for London last Saturday. We had six days leave of which I took advantage of five, which was as long as my money lasted. I was on the go from morning till night everyday and then only saw a small part of the city. Was through St. Paul's Cathedral and saw where Wellington, Nelson and a lot of the great National hero's were buried and the whispering Gallery. The Whispering gallery is a sort of dome away up at the top of the Cathedral. You go to one side of it and the guide whispers against the wall on the other side and the whisper comes right around to you, but when it reaches you it is more like someone talking to you right up closer.

The Crypt where the people are buried is something worthwhile seeing and something I never expected to see.

Then we went to the Tower Bridge and the Tower. At the tower we saw all the places of historic note of the old Kings, such as the Bloody Tower where the two Princes were smothered and the Dissenters and Sir Walter Raleigh were imprisoned. The Crown jewels are simply magnificent. They were all there and you could look at them as long as you wanted to, but only look. I was going to trade my spurs for the golden ones of St. George but the guard refused to give me ten cents to boot for the nickels in mine so I refused.

We saw them raise the Tower Bridge to allow a steamer to pass through and the traffic that piled up waiting to pass was as much as you'd see in Truro in a week.

Was talking to a fellow from Moncton Battery and I was asking about Charlie Elsdon. He said the nearest Charlie had come to being hit was to have a horse shot down from under him.

I had a letter from Aunt Bess yesterday. Was very glad to hear from her too. I must answer her today.

Well I guess that is all I have to say to-day, so will quit.

Some more Canadians came in to-day. I don't know where they were from but I think Toronto.

Write me soon won't you. Love to all