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Date: July 3rd 1916

Witley Camp
Milford, Surrey, Eng.
July 3rd /16
Dear Mother,

Well I must try and scratch a letter off to you to-night. I intended to write you yesterday but in the morning I had to go on Church Parade and in the afternoon a bunch of us unexpectedly got our horses and rode over to Bramshot to see the sports they were holding there and did not get back in camp here until 9.30 at night and that is "Last Post" and nearly bedtime so had to put it off until to-night. Have been working hard all day too. This morning we were on Brigade maneuvers and this afternoon we had a horse inspection so we had to go to stables and groom and get our horses branded. They certainly do give us some hard tussles when they are branded especially as we hold them by a halter and head rope.

Was glad to get your last letter and the Lieut.'s too. The way things are going I hardly think he will ever see France. They certainly have them on the run now.

When I was on my way back from Bramshott who should I meet but George Taylor from Dorchester. I yelled at him and fell out and had a talk with him. He is looking fine. Fat as mud.

The first of July I had the honor to be in an inspection of the Canadians by King George And General French and would you believe he didn't recognize me since he got that job (King).

Got Pidge's candy the other day it was just great. It kept fine. I sure did make short work of it. I still have two cans of tobacco left but you can send some more anytime.

We don't know when we will get to France now, as there is mange among the horses of a couple of batteries.

Well I guess I'll quit now mother. I must answer Gwen's letter. Be sure and write me often. Give my love to the family and tell the Boss to write me.

Your loving son,