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Date: November 5th 1916

Nov 5, 1916
Dear Mother,

Will try to scratch out a few lines to you today as it is my usual day for writing, Sunday, or rather it used to be. Any old time at all is the usual time now.

You see I got your parcel of socks and my pen OK. The pen is working fine; those ink tablets are the real thing.

Don't know when I will get this mailed as I have no envelopes but will try to borrow one. I don't think I told you of getting Hat's letter and the snapshots of Ermina and Betty. Ermina seems to have grown a great deal as well as Betty. Charlie E was surprised at how much Ermina had changed.

Have not seen Fred Huntley yet. Do you know what unit he is with? Did Ern Getson come across do you know? I think he's pretty young for this game.

Came pretty nearly being flooded out last night. The rain started coming through the stovepipe hole in our dugout. I plastered it up with soft mud and an old rubber sheet. That stopped it for the time being and luckily it stopped raining so we got away with a comfortable night.

What I would like now Mother is a pair of mitts or gauntlets. Something to keep the rain or cold off my hands.

Must stop now, hope everybody is well. I am hoping for a trip somewhere pretty soon.

Your loving son,