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Date: June 15th 1917

France June 15th /17 My Dear Mother, Must drop you a short note thanking you for the two parcels I have received. You see they were the ones with the stationary and I think you said something about having sent two before these. Evidently they have both been lost and I have neither of them. Suppose they will come in after having had a romp around France. You don't know how much I appreciate these Mother. Had a letter from Pidge last night. She had a drawing of herself in her cap. The pug on her nose is even more pronounced. I cut the end of my first finger and am having quite a time to write, hope you succeed in making this out. It will be OK in a day or so though and otherwise I am as fit as a fiddle. How is everybody? Have you heard from Father lately? Suppose he is still in Halifax? Guess I'll go and see Charlie some of these days. He is not far away. Today is the first day of my twelfth month in France. I can hardly realize it though it seems several times that long since I left home but I guess we have the "Cruel Hun" where we want him and all that remains to be done now is clean up on him. Of course that will take time but just the same he is trimmed. Well I must stop now. Best love to all the "Friends and relations". With love, Your Son, Bill