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Date: May 16th 1918

May 16th 1918
Dearest of Mothers,

Got your two dandy letters from to-day and you can bet your life I was glad and am a happy boy to-night. I also had one from Father and a "peach" from Gwen.

I'm afraid I have been a little irregular in writing lately but I thought that while I was in England you would know that I was OK. I'm sorry Mother and I'm sorry I sent for money. However when I go back to France my bank account on this side will grow and I will be able to send you some and help you out. As soon as I get
fixed up for kit. I'll be OK and then will help you along. It's rotten to be poor isn't it and still in some ways it's a blessing.

Summer seems to have come in real earnest over here and today has been glorious. Too good to be cooped up in a classroom.

You want to know what I am doing well, I have been warned for the next bunch to get commissions and expect mine any day. Don't suppose I'll be long here but that's nothing. I have three weeks more classes and will probably be here for several more months. Anyway before being drafted. They seem to be pretty well fixed for officers now but are going to be ready to fill any gaps. Will let you know when I am gazetted.

We seemed to have stopped Fritz's mad rush so far. To my mind and to many
others, its his last grand stab for victory and to use the language of the Army I think he's "out of luck". Here's hoping. He can't last forever at the rate he's getting casualties. It must be pure slaughter when he comes over in close formation. You know we never do that and the Canucks (the finest storm troops in the world) use a little of the old Indian ways and one man beats up a dozen greasy Germans.

I'm going to get after Don Hogarth to get me a furlough after I am an officer and have been in France as one. I'll write Father and tell him when to get busy from his end and somehow will work it or bust.

Just at present Mother Dear I am in the very best of health and I believe I'm getting fat. My little experience with gas has taught me something and has done no harm. You know I didn't get much internally. Only enough to make me sick and the least whiff will do that.

So the kids are fine. That's great. Tell Ron and Larry I expect to find them star hockey players when I come home. Father says Gwen is nearly as tall as you and Marg too. They are a great bunch of kids and I'd love to see them. But tell Ronnie he mustn't be afraid of hens. How about cows? Does he stand and bawl like his eldest brother used to?

Ask Pidge if that is the best she can find in the land of Uncle Same? The Cross kids seem to be nice looking and taken as a whole that was a happy looking bunch in the soup.

So a great many exemptions are being cancelled. That's good. Is Ralph Bracone taking a commission in the Flying Corps or the Royal Air Force as it is now called. That's the life Mother. It's got this little Artillery game beaten but we're all doing our best.

Must ring off and get to bed now. Best love to all the kidlets and the friends who are always asking after me. Tell Dad I'll write him soon.

Heaps and heaps of love,

Your loving boy