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Date: March 5th 1943
Claude Senton

March 5/43

Dear Folks.

Received your parcel of Jan 14 & letters. Also, you must know by now, because I've written many letters since you mailed the parcel & also received many of yours, that I received the Xmas parcel, flashlight batteries & things from Lewis & razor strip. Thanks a lot, the socks are O.K. I have plenty of everything now. I haven't opened the chicken or jam as yet, will wait until sometime I'm at my highest appreciation of something good to eat from home sometimes one feels like that!

I never received Glen's cigarettes & socks as he says in that letter but maybe so, anyway I'll make out O.K. I just found out that if I mail these letters off the station there isn't enough postage to send them airmail & they go by boat which takes a month. So if some of them are slow you will know. I'll number them starting now. March 1st you do the same, Mother.

So the cars O.K. this winter, good going when you have snow to fight.

I'm on coastal command & will be here for some time in Scotland.

I wrote all the boys, Gordon, Cecil, not Lewis, wasn't sure if his address as he's been moving often.

Never heard Jean speak on Xmas Day nor have seen her. I have been mailing all these letters up town, & so havent heard from Edith for nearly a month. She was writing often but thought if I dint write lately I have. When I first came over I'd write & wait for answers to Glen & all the gang. But I sent her a register, RCAF [?] over three weeks so probably have an answer, said she might go to Saskatoon as [?] That scares the mail, parcels & the weather as a military secret. Tell the old man to watch that pen, he'd learn how to write, jolly good effort, good show as they say in this country Good going Lill at school, how is your pony?

We were on leave at London & Edinburgh, so have seen most of the island, the beer is weaker here & don't care much for the women, ay, ay, I'm coughing when I'm writing this.

You'll know the score on my courses etc if my other letters got through to you. O.K. on the weekly letters

Cherio for now


note address.