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Date: March 8th 1944
Claude Senton

March 8/44.

Dear Folks -

Dave received your letter of Feb 22nd & also notified by the air force that you hadn't heard from me for some time, so from now on I'll drop a cable every six weeks. Everyones mail coming over, has been very slow but there folks were receiving there letters O.K. mine went a stray for a while.

I received Marys parcel & all the rest, except no cigarettes as yet.

O.K. on getting the picture, I also have the ones you sent. Also about Glen being moved out to McDonald Those oranges & apples never kept, that parcel was a long time coming, got it about middle of January. There is nothing I need if my suit is still O.K. I could have it cleaned, if its not any good, I think I'll get a warrant officer's suit, same material as a officers & my one should soon be through. The pyjamas were O.K., send another anytime & a turtle neck sweater would be O.K. They give us one for flying but the neck is too big - a better idea could you get one of those neck tops you slip on when you're wearing a "U" neck sweater, its just a turtle neck top, because they give us a really heavy sweater & we are not allowed to wear a collar tie when flying

O.K. on that extra twenty three a month, I'll be soon signing some more over, want to get a little bit ahead. Thats sixty three a month you should received soon In my next leave I think I'll see Dublin & then will have checked in to most of the places over here I can borrow a new sport suit so guess that will be O.K., just have to buy a pair of brown shoes & it will be O.K.

We haven't a name for our sqd as yet

There isn't much I can say really in a letter

Everything is going well & still flying

I'll drop a cable every so often in case the letters fail to reach you again

Lill has certainly grown by the look in that picture

I'm spending some of my time reading some good books

Goodbye for now Folks

Your son