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Date: March 12th 1943
Claude Senton

March 12/43.

Dear Folks -

Have received your parcel and two airmail letters written on Feb 14 & Feb 26th. Oh, yes also, cable, received it a couple of days ago, it came up here about tenth I suppose when I was on leave, and then sent back to base post office later came back again. I had sent my readdress again into base post office over a week ago. Also received Glen's cigarettes, and a letter from Gordon, telling me about began being down on leave written Feb 28. I don't need a sweater, got that from Red Cross have everything I need.

O.K. on father Lewis, Gordon says a Valentine & also on Kay Gorden. Can't managed to be lucky enough to run into any of the boys. I'm on OTU, Coastal Command, Canadian crew, I'm more or less a fitter now & cook on board. Pilot's from Toronto & the rest of the crew all over, a good gang.

Probably go to Ireland for operations, that about all I can say.

Bob Greenway ran into it - O.K. on Bill & Bob Mͨ & Lee.

So Lill's a big girl ay, & it's cold out there, oh! You should have about five letters since you wrote from me. I told you about my leave, let me know if you get them.

How is Glen doing now? I just found out there letter need more stamps then I've been putting on if mail off the station & going airmail, so you should them in 15 days. Still have some of the chicken & love the jam. Glad to read those letters from Lewis & Gordee What about Cecil, Gord said them bought the farm day before, I expect he won't have to go.

There's nothing I need just now, only some food about every three months O.K. mother. Will sign Good bye for now

Feeling fine: Love Claude