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Date: March 14th 1944
Lewis & Mary
Claude Senton

March 14/44

Dear Lewis & Mary -

Received you letter of Feb 20 & also the snap. My mother had sent one from home, the very same along with some other pictures including one with Lill in - boy these young uns are sure growing up, ay. Thanks for the snap.

O.K. on the winter you are having out there, must be really nice with the roads in good shape. So you got yourselves a ford, same as the kind Glen & Price have I hear. There a very nice car plenty of power & speed, ay.

I saw Bill in London alright. He isn't a parachutist anymore but back at the same thing, hoping to get over to Italy or somewhere.

We are still going fine here and a little mail coming through now. I knew my folks hadn't heard from here for sometime but I'm always writing a letter to you or someone. Better say Hello to Gord, Lewis, can't remember when I last wrote him, but I owe Cecil a letter.

O.K. on that latest song Lewis, we heard it here the other day, probably will be soon popular over here. It always takes a couple of months. We have our own radio & do a little sandwich making on our own, home life you know.

I see by the Canadian Press here that the Regina National History Society has chosen prairie chicken as the emblem of Saskatchewan.
We do a little shooting here. One of our engineers got a drake the other day, & a duck yesterday. We ate the drake & was it good.
I suppose you have heard of these two medals we get > 39-43 star & the CVSM & the Maple Leaf.

O.K. on all the family, they say married life has everything. One thing, plenty of the boys, especially the army have been married since coming overseas. But as for myself over here I would never think of it.
I found a new kind of beer, scottish-ale, which has a good lift, and a nice top on it - the boys celebrate once in a while you know.

I used to be out there very close to where you are. When we had leave we went to Lethbridge or Calgary, and once I was up to Edmonton when Glen was there if you remember.

It is very nice country, Calgary for me.

Well folks its nearly tea time & there isn't really much more I have to say

So Adios for now