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Date: March 21st 1944
Claude Senton

March 21/44.

Dear Folks -

Well, here's spring in the air again & hope this finds you all; as Lill says she is still kicking & I'm still doing the same too.

Had a letter from Lewis & also still hear from the school teacher, everything O.K. And I received that parcel from Margaret Mother, seems you thought I hadn't. I sent a letter thanking her for it.

That song Lill 'Mairzy Doates' is becoming popular over here now. We listen to the American Forces - good program on at noon - barracks bag., also listen in on the B.B.C. - music while you work for the factory workers. We heard the American & Canadian forces playing football at the Tea bowl in London. Canadians won twice - lost once. The Canadian Scottish Highlanders played between halves.

So Glen is out at MacDonald, someplace compared to Wpg, especially when the boys are pushing around the big car. Sounds like tires are hard to get ay? Lewis was telling me all about his, had a breakdown when he first got the big job.

Well we are still dicing over here, more hours in the log book, maybe through some day & come home, hardly be this Xmas.

And Bob is in Australia, seems to be getting a look at the world. The navy mustn't give the boys any to much clothing I saw Lyle in Halifax before coming over but missed Lee I didn't think he would turn up & I also overslept that day. some Red Cross drive on now, ay?

Oh yes, I may have gained a few pounds, weight about 172 now.

Did you receive 63 for Jan from me as that would be correct O.K. on Feb., also you will receive a victory bond about end of April.

I saw that the Regina Natural History Society has chosen the prairie chicken to become an emblem of Sask.

You know there isn't really much for one to say, it happens to be near suppertime 'tea' & if it isn't any good I have a couple of eggs I bought. One never knows. Oh yes, I received those cigarettes Mother & thanks alot. We do smoke a few pills.

I haven't been to Dublin yet but intend to go down there on leave sometime, then I figure have saw most of the British Isles.

Will drop a cable about every six weeks in case the letters are not getting through, there was a real hold up some place not long ago ay? We were not receiving mail here either at that time.

Will say Au Revoir for now Folks -

until again - Your son