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Date: March 28th 1943
Claude Senton

March 28/43

Dear Folks

Received your cablegram & parcel, Glen's parcel of cigarettes. haven't heard from you since that cable & a couple of letters at the same time. Did you get my cable & letters sent lately, the mail is really moving slow by now. Wrote Gordon just now. Out to a show, etc last night & afternoon.

I'm on coastal command, won't start ops. until May probably around these waters at Balam, maybe for cast when we start on Japan, hi.

This OTU, Scotland, here doing cooking moving op, take turns, big crew, ten, Sunderlands, also take turns staying on boat-guard, stay on the kite all nite. have some rations, real eggs & bacon, all Canadian crew except second pilot so we have a good time on days off, etc, the gang is like home, plenty of flying we have to get 800 hrs in for a tour of ops on coastal, & then have a change, take a year I suppose We'll have a few U-boats & a jerry or two I guess to our credit.

How is Glen? Suppose you saw Bill & Bob home on leave or was Bob home? haven't ran into any of the boys (Gordon) over here

I asked Glen to send me over a ranson lighter, mention it to him, have him register it, suppose he can get one cheap for 3.50 at Mͨ Kennizes near Wpg & a repair kit, matches are short here Say I have plenty of soap etc, razor blades are the only thing thats short but havent used the straight razor or got to ink my pen, so using one of these straight ones

Say hello to Cecil & Grandad for me & the rest

Will sign Cherio & write every week or two, haven't heard from you for about a month now