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Date: May 2nd 1943
Claude Senton

May 2/43

Dear Folks -

Received your cablegram some time ago & wrote you a letter or so. Am certainly looking forward to receive your parcels, I had been telling Glen to send some more cigarettes, not out at the present. We are here at London on leave for a week or more, finished O.T.U. and are waiting to be posted to a squadron, may have more leave, as yet nothing definite.

I will write to you a couple of airmails before you receive this letter.

London is really a big place, should see the line-ups for shows at all restaurant etc, dance halls packed, all the clubs are full; but not having much leave we thought perhaps best to come down here to spend it, next time I intend to stop at some other place & see the country.

We are not being posted overseas, either Ireland or here someplace, have sent for some coupons & may buy civies if stationed at Ireland, I hear it the best over there, safest

The crew are all down this way we were to get together in the pub one nite but the skipper didn't show up, anyway we have too many pub hours now, didn't go out with the gang this after, have been meeting a few of the gang from wireless school & other places.

I would of written before but waiting wishing to let you know where we may be, would like to see Ireland may be, would be a change.

Could you let me have Lewis' add., Gordon's back to Vancouver I guess he's happy. We had our mail stop at base-post office while on leave, thats the first while on a short-leave, should we get an extension probably go to some other city, see some more of the gang.

We have seen some good shows here, 'Air Force' with the american & their Fathers' shooting up the Japanese zero's, plenty of action in that show, suppose you may see that, if you get a chance, its fairly good.

At the present, can't think of a great deal to say, but after having not written for over a week I know I must drop you a line.

Did Bill Mͨ come over here yet, believe you said he would come over, in case he does you could get his add, & could check it up, its not probable, but may be possible to meet him, never saw the Gordon boys, suppose Lewis may have bag down to Sim's on leave, ay?

So Lill is nearly finished this years school, good show.

Spending most of our time here good to dances, shows etc, I don't know get cheesed-off going out all the time, about twice a week puts in the time nicely (when we are not flying) plenty of hrs. in these flying -boats, but the gang are all cooks by now, so our tea hours are still averaging

O.K. on Cecil staying farming, can't remember whether I owe him a letter or not, don't think it What about Glen, is he at home now, should soon be time.

I guess I'll say Good bye for now,