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Date: May 5th 1944
Claude Senton

May 5. 44.

Dear Folks -

Have received the parcel containing the suit & also cigarettes - thanks alot. Have had a couple of letters from you also. I enjoyed reading those letters from Kae & the rest of the gang, nice to know what everyone is doing again.

We are still at the same & everything is going O.K. I mailed you an airmail letter a few days ago, suppose you may have it by now.

In the evening most of the boys take in the shows here at camp, or else go into town for a little good cooking. We also have a Canadian Legion Club here at Camp so plenty of the boys play bridge or read. also sell cokes there.

I have two suits now as I bought one to go to Dublin wanted to go there last time for a change & also thought I may not have as good a chance to see it - never know.

I suppose everyone is busy at seeding now - be better if you get some more rain ay?

O.K. Lill on your pony, don't doubt but what she'd be too small for you by now - you certainly have grown by look of your picture.

I wasn't lucky enough to get the parcel (Easter) that you sent in January, would of liked to have had some of that chikcen. I'll have to see if I can get a chance to see Lloyd Gordon - may be just lucky to see him in London when sent down there. There are plenty of the boys over here now but of course they are all over. Also Jean's in London

What Glen doing now, working in the evening too also, ay at the Wpg election

We have a big pool on at camp when the second front is going to start. Also have a ticket on a horse race which was to be run on May 3 at Dublin

Well this letter is just a note to let you know Goodbye for now

Your son -