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Date: April 16th 1919

M.D.C. Wing No. 7 Camp 1 Kinmel Park, Rhyl April 16th 1919 Dear Mother, Just twenty-two years ago there was great excitement in the Hutchinson mansion was there not? Anyway I'm told that I first saw light then. Perhaps you remember Mother I'm getting on. Don't you think? I thought for a few days that I would be sailing on my birth-day but was again disappointed. However I'm third on the list so should not be very long here now. It is Easter again and Rhyl being a seaside resort there are all kinds of fair Jane's floating around. I however found a "home" in Rhyl to go down to see nobody but the little girl whose people own it. She is a peach and very pretty. However Billy's not serious so guess he'll go home single. Nothings doing in the wedding bells line in England for me. We went to the pictures and saw Charlie Chaplin in "Shoulder Arms". Had a great laugh, as I hadn't seen him for months. He was really very good. We have been having rotten weather around here but tonight it has gotten warmer and I guess we'll have good weather for Easter weekend after all. My pal Bill Phinney sailed yesterday. He is a peach and has a bunch of timber land in north Sask. And want me to go out and work with him. Says he will give me $2.50 a day the year round and board. There's no way to spend the money there either. His dad is Dominion Land Agent and he says he can get me spare land. I've been thinking seriously about it. Well Mother I must stop now and get to bed. Best love to the Walsh's, Sears and the Kidlets. Heaps to you and Father. Always your loving son, Bill