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Date: October 9th 1943
Claude Senton

Oct 9/43

Dear Folks -

Received your letter of Aug 26th, which included Lewis's letter., yours of Aug 25th has not arrived as yet.

O.K. on everything - been hoping to receive you other letter before going on leave.

Have saw a little more country Ireland, Iceland & plenty of water. Bay most everything in Iceland, but what prices, all new american cars, mostly 40 & 41 models, do they look good?

It's so long since I wrote a letter I forgot just when the last one was - thought I had received a letter from Lewis but he says he wrote me a letter a week ago, maybe I got one from Cecil, I know I don't owe Gordon one.

Gosh there are plenty of things I could talk about but can't be said in a letter. Will be getting about 50 back pay which I don't need but can't send it home, any way as soon as I start to receive flights pay will increase the deferred to 50 a month so will have it changed by Nov., as you will notice.

Suppose Glen ma be at home now. Whats the combinng like?
If I had your letter I would know what the gen is around home, maybe you said about Bill & James & the gang.

Received your letter, from Edith, she's not at Johnsons this year but at Hastings, didn't say anything about Nokomis or any of the gang.
Plenty of steak & eggs in Ireland, & lots of American cigarettes in Iceland & lots of beer in Scotland; so if you don't forget Xmas cake - I'll not do to badly.

Will be soon down to England for a few days - guess I'll settle down after the war.

Got caught in between laundry dates so had to do some washing today, probably do the ironing on Sunday, war on you know.

Whats Lill know?

Must say Good nite

Adois - Claude.