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Date: October 24th 1942
Claude Senton

Halifax, N.S.


Dear Folks-

Glad to hear from you & I also heard from Glen & Edith Must write Cecil & Lewis whats his address now. Say hope you got that picture, had them taken at the studio here and they mail them out, you should have it before now.

It certainly keeps raining down here. We were out for three day trip on that victory loan campaign. We travelled out about two hundred miles, slept in the armories two nites at Amherst, had a navy band, followed by the army with rifles tin hats, etc, and (all air crew) marching behind the army, in step of course Really looked smart & the army captain (in charge) complimented us. The Champlain address each town we stopped at through a army P.A. system.

O.K. on Gord getting the west coast, say are we ever getting scattered around now, when's Christmas

And everything is looking like winter I suppose now, snowed in Russia ay, guess I'll fight on the new front

There area few good theatres in town. Last night we managed some hard liquor, so am all ready to go overseas

Oh yes, I almost forgot, I'm sending home that suitcase & camera very soon, probably by the time you get this letter we'll be thinking about it. Some of pilot here went to New York and then over boat, would of liked to managed that, they got the dice.

Sure looks like rain here this afternoon, I was going to have you send down a pair of Glens brown suit pants but I guess, infact its too late now, so skip it.

Just telling Glen to hold the fort, I'll run the cash register & he could fix the autos.

Really fed us good out on are trips I brought back a wish-bone, and we also had a moose dinner, was that good.

Still have one picture, so will send that down to Glen, so if those others haven't arrive you will be able to get this one from Glen
Of course you'll most likely be sure to get them, I still have the receipt for them but wouldn't have time to check should you not get it
Didn't manage to run into Lee yet, I wrote him a letter and ask him to let me know where I could meet him but no answer so I guess he's still out at see...also run into Lyle McAfee and he's looking good, tried to get him to scent Lee for me.

Well for now

Good bye


P.S. nice formation just flew over, five! Oh yes, on the money O.K.