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Date: October 30th 1943
Claude Senton

October 30/43

Dear Folks -

Well here is Saturday nite, Hallowe'en at that, & I'm sitting write down to write you a letter. Some of boys have been discusing what tricks we may be up to should we be back in Canada tonite, maybe Glen & Price will make up if [?] Did you have a party at school Lill?

Received your letter & Lill's, also telegram Apparently Cecil or someone had things mixed up, that was how you found out, was it not. I have been O.K., only had a bail & a little lumbago which all O.K. now having spent a couple weeks leave since. I wrote a letter not more than a week ago, also send a telegram.

As for Xmas, I don't know, send something - a leather shaving kit holder - one with a zipper I have all the equipment.

O.K. on Bill & also Joe's address. Have received your cigarettes some time ago, & Mary's just the other day.

I wrote Gordon a letter at Alleford Bay hope that address is correct, he seems to be moving around plenty, was he stationed there or just doing some wiring? Oh yes, about Bill & Jean & all the rest, always glad to hear of the gang.

I'm flying, same crew, just off while on the course.

Bob Mc is in the navy west coast, is he not? & James still in Saskatoon Lewis is stationed out in nice coutry, not very far where I was once., but Glen has them all beat, by the way he hasn't smarten up any has he?

Everything is going well here, have seen most of the country here now, including Ireland & Iceland I could of seen Joe when in London, was out at that add. one Sunday after. to see one of my chums, one of the crew in fact oh well see him later

must say Good nite for now folks

Au revoir