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Date: September 16th 1943
Claude Senton

Sept 16/43.

Dear Folks -

Have just received your parcel Mother & everything greatly appreciated I really needed those few things, much better than the issue.

Had written you a letter about week ago, also Price, Glen, & Lewis - been away on a three week aircraft recognition course, obtained a good mark. There was a mixed class - Australian, Americans, Canadians, & English - really enjoyed myself, roomed with a couple of Yanks - smoked cigars & lucky stokes for three weeks anyway.

At noons we would get in these little cars - ones like at the fair and go driving into one another - one in each car - get a little excitement so we could settle down to class again in the afternoon. it's the life but I'll be back to civis again, hope, a hope, a hope
Was on leave before to London.

Next morning - 17.

One of chums had me go to a concert last nite, was fairly good.

As you say the war is looking good but reckon there will be plenty of fighting yet. I don't know doesn't seem to be many subs, but as you say about the ships, No I wasn't sick in June just no room to fill in, if you know what I mean so went out on a course in August. Expect to make greater history in the future.

Was in Glasgow the nite Italy packed in - plenty of celebrating.

I'm in good health & have been. Lately have been having all my teeth repaired, am still at it.

You never mind about my more cigarettes Mother, Glen will send me all I need, not smoking so very heavily now.

I guess Lill will be back at school again, did she get a bigger pony?
O.K. on what the govt. were doing about looking up land. I gave you all the details in my last letter (week ago) if you get it let me know.
How is the combining going, sounds like a fairly dry year over there, but the strawberries are good.

As for now Folks must say - Adois Your son -