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Date: May 23rd 1915

Sunday. May 3rd/15

Dear Mother & Father

I got your letter saying you will be in Vancouver till Wednesday. This might get you and it might not, so just for fun I'll put return to here on the envelope. All things are nice and green here now. I guess that sounds kind of stale but we've had some fine weather this spring. It looks as though it is going to rain to-morrow 24th of May. I hope not for we are going out for a good time, "our bunch." Mrs. Foster sure kept our canary a long while. She brought it back yesterday. He doesn't sing any now. You should have been here for Brown the Druggist's fire sale. They auctioned dollar articles off for 10cents and other things in proportion. I got three of their writing pads for a quarter. Olive is washing to-day. She generally does say there will have to be a reorganization of cooking when you get home. She puts potatoes on at eleven, fries eggs at half past eleven and the other things are just as bad. I wish you could task her cakes. The first one she made was fine but since then they have been ROTTEN, no good till Keith his pup is allright. We tied him up because he wouldn't stay off the garden. We just have about 3 ½ weeks more school this term.

Say Dad Charlie Ward was running around the shop again about that note it made Mr. Cantwell mad so he made out a cheque for your half and gave it to Depew. So that is fixed up now as far as your concerned and Ward well have his money in a few days. The chap is still in working over you wont know it when you get back. The front is painted and Mr.Cantwell grained the door. Thanks for letting me join the tennis club. Tell Keith I didn't give his letter to Harold because they have moved. We have Bible Class in the morning now and as it is getting near the time I guess I will close No sir here is the sun coming out I guess it will clear up after all. Well good morning I suppose you will go to church today. Goodbye. Here's a letter from the pup Gordon S.R

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