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Date: June 29th 1916

Shorncliffe June 29/1916

Miss Edna Lean
London Ont. Canada
236 Ridout St.

Dear Sister.-

I am almost too sleepy to write but one more letter wont kill me, did you get one I wrote you a couple of weeks ago, I think I sent you some pictures in it and hope you think as much of them as they did at home, you might answer in kind and send us yours and Velma's pictures also if you can get one of Big Wegg send it.

Does it rain in London as much as it does in Camborne and vicinity. if so you would have need of a rain coat for most every letter written to me has been written while it was raining, the first week or so we were here it rained all the time, but from Easter Sunday to last week we have had the choicest of weather, it started to rain last week and has been raining so much of every day since.

Jack has the measles, and has been taken to Moore Barracks, "thats the hospital." he got up one morning with his face covered with them and our room was quarantined at once. We have been here a week doing nothing but route marches. The first day we didn't do any thing and the next two dam fools tried to run away but the guard caught them and the next day we were taken for a march we travelled about five miles, four of them were up hill and the other was running, when we got back those who were able were ready to kill the two who caused it all. It was like that for the first two or three days but this morning we were taken down to the shore and we wandered around there till noon, we have to go again in a few minutes.

Jack was over for his mail on Sunday. he never was sick and the measles had all gone but like us he has to stay in the hospital two more weeks. a new draft came in from Toronto last night and told us old Dad and his bunch were sent to Horsham, we have been waiting over two weeks for them to come here and now they are sent to another Camp rotten luck I call it. I was just about to get a six day pass from the King and six pound from Dad but I reckon it can't be worked now.

Bruce Manley and I were up to London for the week end and had a dandy time, we got lost which was perfectly natural but managed to get back before our pass run out. We spent Sunday forenoon at the Zoo - and saw things I reckon neither of us will see again that is in the form of birds and animals. most of the big places of interest like the Museum and the Wax figures were closed on Sunday but we rambled all over Picadilly, the Strand, London Bridge, and Trafalgar Square and all of those places.

Did I tell you Jack and the three Macs were all through Scotland, they had such a good time that Bruce and I are going up there if we can get a pass. London is all right but they are after too much of your coin to suit me. we went into a restaurant just before we left to get some supper and as it happened we blundered into one of the highest class or at least highest priced places in the Smoky City we got out of it a half pound behind but were glad to get out with that.

How is Uncle George now, tell some of Weggs to write. The Canadian Mail was stopped for about three weeks but we got a dose of it yesterday. My allowance amounted to five letters. You said you were sending some magazines, did you ever send them? Well my dear this is all I can think of for now, oh no. look at the papers, what they say about the fighting from the twenty eighth to today. Mac and I listened last night for about two hours to the cannon, they boomed away all night never ceasing for a second and at intervals a bunch would fire together, we could here it very plain from here. we also heard the big fight in the North Sea but it was far plainer, due no doubt to the heavier guns used. - fare ye well

Your affectionate brother
Dr. M.T. Lean No. 314677
3rd Reserve Battery
Ross Barracks