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Date: May 8th 1945

My Darling Wife and Daughter
Well I certainly hope that you are both well & happy. Today is VE Day & I should be happy but I find it very hard because so many of my Comrades that should have been here are lost and will not return to their loved ones. But of course I can't drown my happiness altogether as soon I shall be able to come home to you and that will be a supreme bliss that will stay with us always. Of course it will be some little time before I can get home. It may take months but at least you will know that I am not on the field of battle. How did the people in Saint John celebrate. Was it very exciting. In this country everybody raised the dickens and continued on thro the night till morning & today is twice as but how much more it would mean to us if we could be home to celebrate. I may have a chance to get some souvenirs now before leaving. I see by the Casualty lists that a good many Saint John boys will not be home. I received your letter telling me you had received the card and handkerchiefs. I am glad that you all went to Mass. What was the matter that Chas didn't go. I should stand a good chance of getting back soon as I have been in so long. It will be a wonderful home coming I am sure and will be a new start for everything. It will be our blue heaven. I am sending a registered letter to you with a photo in but it is a very poor one so don't be startled by it. I am going to sign off now but will send a long letter later so don't worry about me and keep smiling and I will soon be home. I am writing to Molly today, I hope you have received word from her lately. I have had 3 days leave in Brussels and expect to get 9 days in England very soon so shall be seeing her. Well all my love will write again soon

Lots of love
From Gerry

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