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My Darling Sweetheart

Hope you are both well and not worrying. I am fine except for being very lonesome for you. Hope to hear from you soon. How is everybody at the plant, Give them my regards. Will you send some cigarettes to the address I gave you. How is Marjorie doing in school do you think she will grade. Ruby dear don't let this get you down it will be over soon and we'll be in our own place as planned. Tell the folks to write to me. You can do what ever you think best dear about keeping the flat its up to you. I will write a long letter soon. Keep smiling and I will be living for you and loving you always. I will try to get some souvenirs from the old homestead - also some photos of me as a kid. Well so long darlings
Lots of love

Gerry xxxx

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Original Scans