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Date: September 4th 1943

Sept. 4th, 1943

Dear Edgar,

Well here I am at last arrived over here safe and sound. Had a good trip and never got seasick or anything.

I supose you are busy as a bee now harvesting aye. I wish I were with you.

The country over here is quite different to Canada of course. I like it alright so far but would still prefer Manitoba and the sooner we get done and back the better.

The food here is okay and there seems plenty although of course there is very little sweet stuff or luxurys. Chocolate, soap and soft drinks are hard to get to most every thing is rationed.

Cigarettes and tobacco and papers are very scarce to. You can buy English Cigarrettes here but they are drier and not like ours at all. We all brought a lot of smokes with us though they sold it to us on the boat free of tax.

The beer over here is not very good either you can but it nearly any place and some hard liquors but its very expensive.

We have shows and concerts here they are mostly the same as ours. The money is also very different kinda screwy if you ask me. I'd sooner have the old dollars and cents.

We where through Glasgow and London, they are big places, but we never got a chance to look around of course.

The climate here is not very different to that over there, more rain of course but the sun shines quite a lot to. Well I supose I had better close now I will tell you more next time and be sure and write soon. I hope this finds you all well. And all the best.

As always your pal,