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Date: November 21st 1943

Nov 21st, 1943

Dear Edgar,

Well how is the old boy fine I hope I didn't recieve your letter yet but they told me you had written one in a letter from home.

I suppose that you will be having winter over there now or soon aye. it seems hard to realize that it is nearly Christmas doesn't it. I have been going to get some cards but never got around to it. They cost quite a lot here too.

As you will see by my address I am with the Camerons regiment now. It is better here than in the holding unit because you know where your at most of the time.

We are dining in hotels right now right by the shore. It is kind of nice but awfull cold. Of course the climate is so different that a person feels it much more untill we get used to it.

I have met quite a few fellows that I know. I seen Niel McFadgen the other night and Frank Davies is here also but I never seen him yet as he is on weekend now. Hes a Sargent now but in a different Coy. than I am.

I have not had any leaves yet so haven't been around much. of course there are quite a few small towns around so we are always close to one and can go to a show when ever we want to.

I will be going on my leave before very long I hope and will be able to see some of my Rel. then I guess.

I hear will are not getting any leave for Christmas [?] so will have to spend it in Camp I guess.

I supose you had a good crop this year. but heard that Lionels flax was not so good I guess it was froze aye.

I sure wish I was there about now to have a good feed of deer steak. I supose if we did go hunting it would be the same as ever aye. Come home tired hungry and empty handed.

Well I don't seem to know much news today so will sign of and wish you all the best and a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.

So bye for now I hope you are all well and be sure and write lots of letters.

Yours pal as Ever,