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Date: August 22nd 1942

126 Luton Ave
August 22/42

Dear Edgar,

Well how is everything. I've been going to write to you for a long time but never got around to it till now. We don't have school here on Saturday afternoon. We just write a exam in the morning and thats all we do till monday again. It sure gets tiresome when you've got nothing to do in the city. out on the farm we can shoot gophers or something.

How is your crop getting along. I guess you'll be thinking of cutting it pretty soon eh. I haven't seen a field of grain since I come in here I doubt if I'd know what it looks like now. This life is sure hard to get used to. I don't suppose I'll ever get used to it. It was sure a bugger the first week or so.

I wish I'd had another year or so of school before I took this course the practical part of it isn't to bad but there's a lot of Mathematics and algebra to it and that ain't so easy. However I guess I'll know how to build a radio and tear it apart after I get through. We've built a crystal set and a one tube set already. We start on the four tube set next week. its sure fun to build one and then get a station on it.

What are you doing now anyway are you working for Johny again or still at home. I sure hope you don't have as much rain up there as we do here. It's raining this after noon a little and its pretty cool.

We might go out to city park tomorrow. I was out there once but I don't see much interest in it. the animals are skinny as the devil not anything like the deer we see out there. I sure hope you keep a few deer around there because I'm hoping to get home for awhile after I'm through here and shoot me with Bergers rifle aye.

I sure got a good place to stay that's one damn good thing. I pay a dollar a day for board and room and my washing I couldn't get it any cheaper I guess. Is about two miles from the Radio Labs so we have to ride a street car to school in the mornings And generally walk home at night. There's three other guys staying here so I've got lots of company. Almost to much to study right.

Well I guess I've said about as much as I know now. and you want to be sure and write to me I hope to see you around the end of October so good bye for now.