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Date: January 13th 1944

Jan 13/44

Dear Edgar,

Well I finally did get a letter from you. thought maybe you had written but it had never arrived yet. I sure was glad to hear from you. I am doing pretty well for mail now that makes nine letters this week, of course we have been away for awhile.

So you are still at the old game aye. I'll bet you will die setting traps, aye, but no kidding I wish I were there to hunt now and again. I must have been your jinx when we went hunting aye we get plenty of practice here , maybe before long we will be a hunting real live game, then the fun will start or will it I don't know it may not be so funny but the sooner its over with the better I think.

Say furs are a good price now aren't they. I should be there to outfox for that mink that's around there but maybe you will have caught it by now.

I am sorry to hear your folks have had the flu. but I suppose it is quite common over there now by what I hear. I have not been sick since I came over here except for colds and that is because of the change in the climate I guess. At the present time it is about the same as fall over there, very little frost and quite a lot of rain, but somehow the rain don't seem to bother me as much as it used to I guess I getting Limanized or climatized as I should say.

Well there's not an awfull lot to say about England. It is much different to Can alright in many ways. There are very few houses or even fences that are wooden mostly all the house are Brick or cement. even the fence posts are cement it sure amazes me the manner of things they can do with cement and stone, some of them are very old to. there are a few modern houses around but they are all made of brick or cement with slate roofs.

The hay stacks are all thatched so as to keep the rain out, they do things in a rather old fashioned way and it takes so long, but there are so many of them I guess they have to keep busy in some way and there certainly is no waste whatever.

The land is different to it is all hills and downs with a lot of chalk cliffs and that and all small fields with thorns for fences. Scotland is very hilly and there are a lot of mountains in the north parts.

It is colder up there so they mostly just sheep farm. We think that the prairies are lonly but they have nothing on northern Scotland, there is some rather pretty country up there though in the summer I guess. It sure fags you out though running arond in those damn hills and streams.

We have some pretty fair time here on payday we generally go back pretty quick and go to a few shows and dances which are pretty much the same as ours at home.
There is very little to spend money on otherwise here, we generally get enough cigs from Can. to do us. I haven't bought a English Cig for a long time now. There are not as good as ours anyhow. The beer is not bad and you get used to it and we can get Whiskey, Rum and gin but it costs about two shillings a shot which is about forty eight cents Cdn. money. Beer is about two pence a pint or 20 cents Cdn. money. The money was a little hard to get used to but not so bad. We get paid one pound for $4.47 but a pound don't go much farther than a dollar back there.

The blackouts are sure a brute here I've run into lots of corners and fell into water holes since I came here, about the only way to do is to smoke a ciggarette so no one will run into you at night. Well I think I'll sign of for now and be sure and write oftener as I have lots of time to answer. So by for now

All the best,