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Date: May 28th 1943

May 28, 1943

Dear Edgar,

Well how goes every thing as smooth as sandpaper I suppose. I guess you will be nearly finished seeding by now aye.

The grass and trees are just starting to get green around here now.

Have you had the same bad weather we've had here I wonder it's cooler today but it sure was has the last few days here I lost an awful lot of sweat I'll tell you that I seem to sweat just doing nothing around here.

We may start to wear our short pants tomorrow it will be rather cruel on the legs for awhile I guess but it will be cooler & lighter.

I suppose you got home all right last sunday. We got back okay but the bus was three hours late getting into Brandon. We had two tractors on it this side of newdale on the roads sure were a mess for a piece there. Then when we got a piece further the transmission went out of it and we had to wait for another Bus to come and tow us in.

I was just to a show in here at the Y.M.C.A. "Thumbs up Review" was the name of it. I had seen it before in Wpg. but enjoyed it here to, and boy there was lots of bare legs flying around.

We haven't been doing an awful lot of hard work the past week. On Friday night the Officers & Sargents had their wives out here for a party and on Sat. there wasn't half off them out on parade. But we figure they will start showing it to us soon. That's the way they do it here they let you [?] for awhile and they give you hell for awhile.

We go on the ranges next week thou so that should be fun.

We were into Brandon yesterday and went to a dance at night it was pretty fair to. They ran out of been about five oclock so we had to start on hard stuff.

I supose you will be helping Ritchie tinker with his car did you get the generator fixed yet. I hope its running next time I come home.

Do you remember a Cliff Watson that threshed up near Roblin[?] when you did that fall, him and his brother are both here now in our Corp. Cliff is married now I met his wife last night.

Well I think I have written all I know now so I'll close and write soon aye.

Best of All,