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Date: April 8th 1917

Westenhanger Camp, Kent,
C/O C.A. PO Lon. Eng.,
Sun April 8th, 1917

Dear Mother,

Just a line hoping this finds you all well as this leaves me. Well mother, you'll notice our change of address. We moved here yesterday. We are about 7 miles from Thorncliffe now and are to move there soon and go into the 14th Reserve, so we'll soon be losing our number. They dumped us here for ten days to make sure we have no disease before putting us in Thorncliffe, and we are told we can expect leave as soon as we get there. We were glad to leave our last camp, but it was better than this. This is like camp Hughes, as we are in tents again, but we have floors in them here. But they can't beat the huts, as we had electric lights and tables, but we'll soon get used to this, and be at home again. But we call some funny places home, since we joined, but we'll all be glad to get home again, but we usually put in a happy time wherever we are. We were putting up tents till one this morning, and putting up grub for a Batt just from Liverpool. This is a change to Bramshott anyway, and we have been getting some nice weather lately, and had a lot better time of it than the night we got to Bramshott. We took about four hours train ride, and walked two miles. All there is to see here is hop poles and sheep, and we saw lots of them coming down. And it's beautiful country. We have a flying school half a mile away, so we see plenty of machines, as you can see half a dozen any time. At first you can't help but look up, but now we don't look at them any more than at a car.

We had a nice Easter breakfast (minus the eggs), and I guess there won't be church today, as we're all getting sorted out instead. Well mother, I got your box and it was just fine, and I also got one from May too last week. I think she said you'd sent money to get me something with. I don't know what she meant, I'm sure. She says Roland is in the front line now, and had quite an experience. I'll be glad to get over as soon as they like now. They've been weeding out the men in our bunch, and those that aren't fit go on the farms. We lost 3 out of no.1, and they are busy cultivating around all the camps. You will all be busy at home too, I guess. Well mother, I'll have to close now with love to you all, and I'll write more soon, and don't send anything until I get to Thorn. C. I'm sending you a picture in this letter. Love from your son,