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Date: April 19th 1918

April 19th 18

Dear Joe,

Just a few lines to let you know I got your welcome letter the other day, and you bet I was glad to hear from you again, and that you were expecting to get your eyesight fixed up for proper this time. It must be quite a lot of bother to you. It's about 5 times you've had operations, isn't it? So let's hope you have better luck this time. You ought to be able to put in some good time while you are down in the Peg. I guess there's still plenty of girls about (What about it?) Is the fair Louisa still down there? Or have you come the girl that you sat next to at the Campbell match, the first time you were down there. I guess one of them will have you trapped by the time I get back. There seems to be quite an epidemic in the way they are getting married. I guess that Franklin got a handful if he got Esie Kellar all right, but maybe the poor guy didn't know any better. He should have joined the army and got a wee bit of experience first. The little dears are all over the show in England. It's a relief to be back in France again, I don't think. You bet I sure had a good time over there, and just in time too, as leave is shut down again, till old Fritz gets his cough medicine, for his spring cold again. I hope it gets cured proper this time. You were saying that you thought Mark was in the dumps. He seemed to be a bit that way when I was over. He has been called up since I've been back. I think he must have been fed up with his job, very likely. I suppose that you sometimes still find time to grouse yet. How are you and Billy getting along now. I guess he would be Johnny-on-the-spot to engineer that Fanning Mill, wasn't he? The price of grain seems to be set at a pretty fair average. I suppose it will be the same price next fall, since the Gov. fixed the price. It should raise your sights some, if you have a good crop this fall, as I hope you do, don't you think...? How are you making out with the hogs? Do you keep the usual? They must pay good at 20 ¢ What did you think about the man that gave the spiel 90% of Canucks being drunk at Xmas. I'll bet he had a sight better way of spending Xmas than the most of us out here, or it would be a poor one. The rum issue isn't so strong as that. Well Joe, there isn't much news in this, so I've got to write you a wee bit of foolishness, or one of those "I am quite well" whiz-bangs. So excuse this for a letter, and give my best love to all at home. So cheer up old son, and drop me a line soon,


I sent along a Listening Post last mail.