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Date: April 26th 1916

Bibgate Camp, Thorncliff, Kent 14th Reserve,
No. 2 Company, Starston,
April 26th.
Dear Mother

I know you will be glad when you open this letter, and you'll see by the address that I got that leave at last for six days. I got here yesterday and grandma's looking fine and they are all well. We are also getting some lovely weather now so I'll enjoy the week here. The only thing I'm sorry for, I can't get to Sheffield, and I'll disappoint them, but I'm hoping for another leave before we leave England. They were very glad to see me here, and I was just as tickled to get here. Grandma was telling me just how you'll jump when you get both our letters together. I am glad to see her for you anyway. She doesn't look a bit different from what she used to, and she wants to know how you all get on out in Canada. She was telling me about Mr. Schiender and how he used to talk. I won't be able to see aunt Mab and grandad as they are too far out, as they will only give me a ticket for one place. But I'm thankful I got here anyway. Well, mother, I'll have to close now with love to you all and hoping this finds you all quite well from your loving son,

P.S. I'll write more next time.