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Date: August 7th 1917

August 7th, 1917

Dear Mother¬

I was just beginning to wonder if I were to get a letter from you this week, but I was very pleased to get one today after all, of the July 7th. That's just one month coming, so I won't have to grumble at that. I was glad to know that you are all well, as this leaves me. I hope that you are experiencing better weather now to what it was, as I guess you sure need it, if the papers are right. We have had it rather hot till this last week, and it's rained almost steady, but it seems to be clearing again. I'm lucky not to be in the line, as it is fierce for mud. I'm in a good sleeping place, so don't mind much. I've got my address altered just a little bit more now: 10th att'ch'd to No. 2 Section CC7G BEF. It begins to look like a steady job now. I like it fine, as I think we're better looked after than the Batt., and get well fed, and what with the parcels too, I live pretty good. Your letter mentions the pictures you were expecting. I'm hoping that you did get them by this time, as I sent them the beginning of June. I can't imagine how the Wrights have one of me, unless it's the group. I guess G.W. had a good time in Scotland on our last leave, as I'm sure everyone had, but couldn't enjoy it more than I did. I had a letter from Auntie and they are all well, but getting the wet weather like us. It was too bad you couldn't go to the Swan sports this year, as I'd liked you to have known the Parks. I'd a letter from Bertha last week and I think they are going on the farm at Bowsman. I heard another of the Greenwood girls got married awhile back (tell Joe),.and when does he go to the Peg again! I hope that the eye is getting better by this time. It seems to be more serious than we used to think. Well I'll close for now. Remember me to Dad and best love to all, from your aff Son,