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Date: December 22nd 1917

France, Dec. 22nd,1917

Dear Mother¬ -

I know that you will be looking forward to a letter from this awful boy of yours, but you know what it is, Mother dear. This has really been my first chance to write for two weeks. But I think that you will have received a whiz-bang or two in the meantime, and I sure expect to get a calling for those, as they sure don't have much to say. But so long as you get them you will know that I am getting along fine. Well Mother, you will see that I am not far from Christmas by the date at least, and I'm expecting to be out of reach of Fritz at any rate, by Xmas Eve, and a nice little trip by the Light Railway. I'll sure be hanging up my stocking in some place - the censor won't let me say. I sure expect to have a cheerier time than last year on that old tub we came over on, as I hear we'll be having a - Company dinner, and all the good things we can get. Of course we each dip in with a little bit of our pay, and you know every little bit counts. Well mother, this is quite a time I'm having anyway, and I've just lived on parcels for a time (and Bully Beef and Hardtack has no charms for me.) I have had them from you all, and Swan too, and also from Eng, so you'll guess the next best,...would be (to be) home. We are also having Xmasie weather here now; everything is crisp and frosty. It beats rainy weather all to pieces. We had a little snow, but not anything to speak of. This last two years seems to have been exceptional weather out here. But it sure is more like home. Talking of home, I can just fancy how everything is, and the nice warm old stove. I wonder how you make out for water now; if you still have to go to the river, or is the well deeper. I wonder has Joe got his eye seen to yet, and Dad in better health. Well Mother, I'm hoping this finds you all well and had a happy Xmas. Give my love to all, and with best wishes to you, Mother, from your loving Son,