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Date: December 9th 1917

Dec. 9th. 1917

Dear Mother¬

I have received your welcome letter again today, and also one from auntie, and would imagine that you are getting the cold weather again, when Marjie says "It's fierce!", and plenty of snow. So she has a new teacher now. It's rather funny about the name, isn't it? I wonder if they are both alike. Do you get any more letters from Morris? I suppose he will be able to write some quite interesting letters without getting across with the censor. Has he still got any stripes! He likely had to leave those in the Old Country. Does he not try for a commission, I wonder. I suppose he has the education. Two of our sergeants go to Eng tomorrow to take their courses. Very likely the war will be over by the time they get back. What do you think of the elections? I expect there is some stirring times in Canada. We have all voted out here, and I guess when it's through, Laurier won't have a show at all, and upset a lot more of his kind. Well mother, I certainly was sorry to hear about Willie Wright. I hope he will be better again. I haven't seen Geo for some time now, as we are in different Divisions, and it is just a chance of passing them sometimes. My old chum 0. Davy is down at the rest camp in B and getting over the effects of being buried with a shell. He will soon be with the Batt again. He's from south of Arran. That Black-leg in the cattle up there must be awful. I hope it doesn't get down our way, for we always get our share of what's going, don't we? Well, Xmas isn't here yet quite, but I think by the parcels you all write of, will keep me busy and happy too, if I don't get too many goodies, eh?. But I can (handle) anything in that line this Xmas!

Well Mother, the last I heard they were all doing well in Eng, and Hugh is getting better, and if he is no worse for his wound, he is a lucky boy, as he'll likely miss the winter out here. I'm making out fine; plenty of clothes and also eats and everything in the gardens (is) lovely. So Mother dear, this will be all for this time, so hoping you are all in the best of health, and had a happy Xmas, love to all from your loving Son,