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Date: February 24th 1917

Bramshott Camp, Hants, Eng.,
Feb. 24th, 1917

Dear Mother­

Just a line to let you know that I am getting along alright, and hope you are all in the best of health. Well mother, there isn't much news for you this week. We are still in Br - but expect to go to Shorncliff any time, but I don't know when; we never get to know anything here until we do it, and then we pop to it. We are getting lots of work to do now, but like it, as we have good instructors, and get plenty of variety, to what we got in Canada. We can get out now, and enjoy things better than when we were in quarantine. But I don't often go to the town, as the nearest one is Liphook, 2 miles away, and it's no fun walking in the dark here. But there is a cinema in camp and several YMCA huts, so we don't do too bad. We sure saved money when we were in Q. I've three months pay coming,.. except for 2 pounds we got last week. So I won't be broke when I get leave. I tried to change the postal note here, but can't do it, so I am sending it with this letter, as I don't need it. I think that the Arran P.M. will change it. It's too bad you went to the trouble, but I didn't get it till we got here. I thought I'd need it when I got on leave, which we expected to get when we got over, but I guess the quarantine held it back. The O.C. said we won't get it now till we move to Shorncliff, but I don't mind, as the days will be longer. I got a cake from Starston last week and a letter from Granny and aunt Jessie, saying that they were getting along fine. I guess I'll soon be getting a letter from Sheffield again to. The last time they wrote they had one from you. Auntie wanted me to come up, and not be afraid to bring a friend up too. I must be disappointing them, as I wrote that I'd be up to see them when I first got here. But you can be sure I'll go the first chance I get. Well, I often think about you at home, and wonder how you are getting along, and sometimes wish I could see you. But wishes don't seem to get us far while we are here. But I'll be home sometime, so we should worry. I'm glad to get that letter of Joe's last week, and to know how things are going on the farm. And you can guess how I like to get one from home anyway! We generally get Canadian mail twice a week here, so we always look for some. Well mother, I'll have to close now. Remember me to auntie and with love to all, from your loving son,